Posted by: Dina Kozhageldiyeva | November 20, 2008

Tsarskoe selo – the town of muses

More than two centuries Tsarskoe Selo  was a residence of the Russian monarches, one of the most attractive suburbs of St.-Petersburg. No doubt, that is the biggest pearl of the North Palmirah. Many great russian poets had to live there, this place always inspired them and here they created a lot of masterpieces.

  1. Geographical location and Climate

The Pushkin town (The Tsarskoye Selo) is situated 24 kilometers from St.- Petersburg to the South on the Izhorskaya height, raising 150 – 160 meters above the sea.

The landscape here is very different and it looks like as the nature made it specially for making parks: hills, ridges and terraces change with valleys and plains; forests are changed by fields. A lot of springs give the beginning for streams and feed the ponds.

2. Four seasons in Pushkin town

Winter:it’s from December till March. During the snowing winter Pushkin has the especial beauty. Winter days are short and they give the city the especial light.


Spring: it’s April and May. Spring is the wonderful season when the evenings become lighter . The weather in spring is very capricious and sometimes summer begins at the end of April. The temperature is between +5 and +15 C.


Summer: it’s from June till August. Summer in Pushkin is better than it’s usually said. During long weeks there is the warm weather , the temperature is +25 C and higher. In summer there is particular lighting. The days are long and the nights are short. From the end of June till the beginning of July it does not get dark. The charming time of “White nights” begins.

Autumn:it’s from September till November. The city is very beautiful in the decoration of the autumn leaflets. The air is clean and limpid. The temperature is between +5 and +18 C. It’s cool in the evening.




Temples and palaces in Pushkin town is ones of the most fascinating and beautiful in the world. Before revolution there counted more than 20 temples, the most talented architechtures created them during 200 years.

021         030


Architechtural memorials of pushkin town represent different styles as russian baroque and classicism. It is especially reflected in the design of Yekaterininsky Palace.


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