Posted by: Diar | November 20, 2008

Paris the city of Love!

Paris is a capital of France and also known as a capital of romance. This city has long been  


called The City of Love.Many people around the world dream about trip in France. Even we


have such saying as : “ To see Paris and die” . Ideal place for wedding trip is Paris.  There you


can walk along the Seine river and enjoy evenings. The best season for traveling there is spring.




Here I listed some of the most romantic  places in   Paris where you can enjoy time:

  1. Gaze Adoringly at the Pont des Arts  (bridge between the 1st and 6th arrondissements)

– One of the most romantic views in the world – a 360 panorama of famous Paris sights such as Ile de la Cite, Notre Dame, the Louvre, surrounded by the dancing colors of the river Seine.


2. Kiss under the Pont-Marie – The Pont-Marie is known as the “bridge of lovers” and legend has it that if you kiss under the Pont-Marie and wish for eternal love, your wish will be granted.


3. Swoon in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont – This large Parisian park, off of the tourist track, is an idyllic place for walking with girlfriend.






4. Indulge at Lapérouse – Lapérouse, a restaurant situated in an elegant townhouse on the Seine, has a long history of romantic entanglements. In the late 1800’s, Lapèrouse was used by famous French courtesans as a rendezvous point for illicit liaisons with their high society clients. Courtesans, upon receiving their payment in diamonds, would scratch the mirrors in the dining rooms to ensure that the diamonds were not fakes. Reserve one of the private dining salons in Lapérouse, indulge in a decadent French feast, and whatever else may take your fancy on the red velvet couches. The maître d’ will not enter your private dining room until you’ve summoned him with the pull of a cord.


5. Speak the Language of Love at the Wall of Love – Whisper sweet nothings where love comes together in every language at Le mur des je t’aime ( Wall of Love), The Wall of Love is a mural beautifully inscribed with the words “I Love You” in 311 languages.


6. Have a Tryst in the Tuileries Gardens – The Tuileries Gardens outside of the Louvre have been a popular rendezvous place for lovers of all classes – nobles, peasants, and prostitutes – throughout history. Married couples would enter together at the North gate, then rendezvous with their lovers at the South gate.


7. Kiss at the Hotel de Ville – Recreate one of the most romantic images captured on film, The Kiss on the Sidewalk (Le Baiser du Trottoir) by Robert Doisneau. Once published in Life magazine in 1950, this photo captured the essence of romantic Paris and helped define Paris as the City of Love. You can purchase this photo at any tourist store in Paris, however, why not create your own “Kiss at the Hotel de Ville”.



  1. Oh Paris! What a wonderful city! I Love it!!!

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